Owners:  William Kelley, Sr., CEO and William Kelley II, President & General Manager


In 2005, Bill Kelley II and his family made the decision to move back to Susquehanna County from the Philadelphia area.
Bill Sr. and Bill II decided to research business opportunities that would potentially flourish in the northeast Pennsylvania region.  In April, 2006, the first Taylor Rental franchise operation opened in South Montrose, PA under the name BX3, Inc. dba Taylor Rental.


The company’s original business plan was to expand to three stores in five years.  In 2008, the second store opened in the Tunkhannock area.  2008 also brought some added business potential.  As the natural gas industry began to flourish, so did increased business opportunities for BX3.


As BX3 began servicing gas industry related companies in Susquehanna, Wyoming and surrounding counties, a market niche was discovered that was eager to be tapped.  Many new products and equipment rental services were now in high demand.  BX3 capitalized on this opportunity and the oilfield supply business was born.  In 2013, the company has now grown to 30 employees, and relocated the Tunkhannock store to a newly renovated, larger location to better serve our customers.


The business was established and has prospered due to the company’s mission to be The Relentless Problem Solvers.
The main goal is to continuously satisfy customers by creating business solutions and providing exceptional customer service.  BX3 dba Taylor Rental has grown each year because of hard work, dedication, and passion for the business.